Updated January 2020

Margaret Oliver Room

Baby Sensory Group Margaret Oliver Mon. 9-5pm including School Holidays

Condover Cookery M.O & Kitchen every Tuesday 10am-2pm

Alpine Garden Society M.O 1st. Tuesday evening except January. June, July and August

RSPB M.O 4th Tues evening (except Dec 3rd Tue) September to April

Kumon Maths M.O Every Tues and Thurs. 2pm-6pm. Hols: 1st 3 weeks Aug + 2 weeks xmas

Cottage Garden M.O 3rd Wed eve. September to July (None Jan, Feb or Dec)

Flower Club M.O Last Wed in the month not Aug and Dec

Ladies Badminton M.O Every Wed 1.30pm-4.30pm not June, July and August

Messy Play M.O Every Wed morning. Term time only

WI M.O 2nd Wed evening. None in March and Aug

Ornithological Society M.O 1st Wed October to April. 6.30pm-9.30pm (SOS)

Badminton M.O Thurs eve 7-9.30 not June, July & August

Keep fit & Pilates M.O Every Thursday 9.30am-12.30pm. Sept to July (not panto week)

Exercise with Baby M.O Every Friday morning. 10am-1pm. Excluding school holidays

Short Mat Bowling M.O Every Friday 2pm-4pm. Sept to April alternate Fridays May-July

Shrops Light Orchestra M.O Every Friday evening. Term time only

Hardy Plant Society M.O 1st Saturday. 1pm – 5pm

Shrewsbury Lace Guild M.O 2nd Saturday in the month. 9.30pm-4pm

Flicks in the Sticks M.O 2nd Saturday in the month. Evening

SGI-UK M.O Sunday morning once per month

Lythwood Room

Baby Clinic Lythwood 1st and 3rd Mondays 12.20pm-3.30pm

Parish Council Lythwood 1st and last Monday evening 6.30pm-9.00pm

Postcard Club Lythwood 2nd Tuesday evening (7pm-9.30pm) (September to July)

Clatterbugs Music Lythwood Tuesday and Thursday morning 9am-1pm

Hall Committee Lythwood 3rd Wednesday evening evening

Philatelic Society Lythwood 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening (September to May)

Shrewsbury Fibromites Lythwood 1st and 3rd Wednesday Evening/Afternoon

Coffee & Craft Lythwood 4th Thursdays evening

Storehouse Church Lythwood Every Saturday evening (with Burgs)

Hardy Plant Society Lythwood 1st Saturday Morning.

Harp Beat Lythwood 2nd Saturday 2pm-5pm

Burgs Room

Reading group Burgs, 1st Monday, evening (none in Jan)

Writing group Burgs, 3rd Monday evening (not when panto and plays are on)

Postal History Burgs, 3rd Tuesday evening (4th Tuesday Feb) Sept-May (not Jan)

Shropshire Shufflers Burgs, 1st Tuesday evening, Sept-July

WI Burgs, 1st Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm, None in Aug

National Trust Burgs, 2nd Wed, evening

Villager Association Burgs, 1st Thursday, evening

Storehouse Church Burgs, Every Sat evening/Sunday morning.


Pantomime Hall/Lythwood, Tuesday, Monday Evenings + Sunday afternoons (end of Oct to Feb)

BHADS Hall/Burgs/Lythwood, Monday and Thurdays evenings (Plays in May and Nov)

Sugar Craft Kitchen/Burgs Every Monday evening (weekly)

ME group Burgs room, evening

Peregrine Group Margaret Oliver, evening