Bayston Hill Memorial Hall has a number of regular user groups and is open to residents of Bayston Hill and members of the wider community to book private events such as meetings, celebrations and events.

Our Margaret Oliver hall can accommodate 180 people with the fixed stage and 160 with the stage extended. A variety of options for the hall are available including seating, music, audio and light options and use of the attached kitchen. A screen is also available for all users as well as a loop system for those with hearing difficulties.

Up to 35 people can use our smaller Lythwood room and our Burgs room is often used for business and organisational meetings and can accommodate around 20 people around the table.

We offer WiFi throughout the venue and extensive parking is available in our private car park.


Before enquiring about a booking, please check the What's on page to see regular users and existing bookings.


Charges From Jan 2024 




From 1st Jan 2024

One Off (Functional) Bookings



Margaret Oliver Hall (inc Kitchen)

Private parties, Christmas, birthdays, funerals, celebrations, dances, concerts.

£120 (one-off)


Margaret Oliver Hall (inc Kitchen)

Fund-raising events (inc Charities) and Children’s parties.

£55 (per session)


Wedding Parties/Receptions (All rooms - all day/weekend)

£300 (one-off)


One Off Public/private, exhibitions, craft fairs etc



Margaret Oliver Hall (inc Kitchen)

£38 (per session)


Lythwood (inc Kitchenette)

£28 (per session)


Burgs Rm (inc Kitchenette)

£16 (per session)


Discounted Rate - Regular Bookings (weekly, monthly)



Margaret Oliver Hall (Inc Kitchen)

£30 (per session)


Lythwood Rm (inc Kitchenette)

£22 (per session)


Burgs Rm (inc Kitchenette)

£13 (per session)





Kitchen (on its own)/Extensive use of cooking facilities

Bouncy Castle Charge 

£12 (one-off)

£5 (one-off)


                   Conditions of hire

The Entertainment Licence allows for a maximum of 180 people to be in the building at any one time. Functions must end by midnight Monday to Saturday.

A person with overall responsibility for security and fire arrangements must be designated by the Hirer and, at all times, one person for up to 50 people, must act as Fire and Door Steward to operate fire extinguishers and  help people out of the building via the fire exits and other doors in the event of an emergency.

The Hall has limited waste disposal facilities and hirers are responsible for the disposal of their own refuse.